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  1. bader147

    PKHonor hotfix

    just one more thing, but if there's updates came on how i can update versions .. 115 , 116 , 117...with your "pkhonorversionchanger" Remove
  2. bader147

    PKHonor hotfix

    Never mind it works perfectly ! thanks!
  3. bader147

    PKHonor hotfix

    i place the folder "com" and i did everything perfect but the thing is i cannot the script when i open " scripts"> others, theres no " others" only the normal scrips that i added before
  4. bader147

    PkHonor updated

    the code is wrong
  5. bader147

    PkHonor updated

    help me pleas how i add them all i know i add the in text then make it jar and then ..? am sorry am very new
  6. bader147

    PkHonor updated

    how do you gives update pkhonour or i have to wait tell the client be update
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