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  1. Ikov is being constantly worked on by the staff on here. It literally just released days ago, and afaik scripts are being worked on right now, you should see lots of previous scripts being updated and new ones being released in the following days.
  2. OSRS+ Provider The idea of this provider is to get us beyond supporting the 317 revision servers. OSRS servers are becoming popular (aside from ikov) and we need to be able to support them! The provider will use the current minified API format and still use the processAction/doAction method so we don't need as many hooks to keep it updated and working. Currently I have my updater working for the following servers: Alora Novea Battle-Scape OSRS Zenyte ( when it releases ) Alora is the first intended to release since it's the biggest OSRS server out at the moment. Others will follow quickly. Currently working on Alora: All debugs work as intended
  3. yo, the script efighter where is the download link

  4. It wouldn't let me send you a message so I figured i'd write here. I have a question about eDragons. I bought the script but when I run it, it runs for 10-15 minutes then randomly logs out... When it doesn't do this, the script freezes around 15 minutes in and I cant get any long uses out of it. Any help appreciated. 

  5. I'm curious, what is it. Ikov, let us know please!
  6. It can be caused a lot quicker if you're spamming packets. What causes it is say I'm telling it to attack the npc. n.interact(index); but suddenly half way through sending the attack packet, the condition goes null, so it decides to eat a food. so we got this packet sendPacket(123, Now it's going to eat a food and it does i.interact(blah); Now packet it's going to send looks like sendPacket(123,sendPacket(123,124234,2342) - or however the fuck they look The server doesn't know how to interpret that so the client becomes off sync with the server, causing the account to null out. The number one thing to do is have good conditional sleeps, and good conditions all around. There is no way of fixing this without queuing the packets so they don't try to send two at one time. On the other hand, you can either force the socket to close, or drop the client. That's just a cheaphax though. Credits go to: Matt - he's a boss. Here's a proggy to prove you can still have stable scripts.
  7. Ethan

    eStaking - Beta

    loooool, I see what you did there
  8. Please remember this is still in very early beta stages. I have no plans of rushing through this script and there is no release date set. Here's a video of it in action. The fight begins at: 1:30 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=in03HklvwRk I'd love suggestions profit: 60m bets of 20m
  9. That's not what I'm saying. Speaking hypothetically, you can't have two strategies saying "!isInCombat()" because it will want to run them both at the same time, causing them to conflict with each other. Check all conditions.
  10. My guess is that you're conditions inside the activate() in one class is conflicting with the conditions of another activate() in other class.
  11. VERY helpful release! Great job!
  12. Thank you Looks amazing
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