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  1. Bitcoin is acceptable however paypal would be ideal for me. Pm me your skype
  2. CirroCumulus

    PKH gold for btc

    I got some as well if needed.
  3. bump still selling!!
  4. CirroCumulus

    Buying PKHonor gold

    You don't happen to do paypal do you?
  5. Selling pkhonor gold Got enough stock ( a lot) for a lot of requests, I will not go first. if you do not wish to go first you will have to get an official middleman from Parabot at the buyer's costs. Leave a message or pm me if interested. Rates vary from 0,20$ to 0,30$ depending on how much you buy. Paypal only. EDIT: currently out of stock, will update the thread when I have more stock
  6. CirroCumulus

    [SOLD] Selling PKH death account

    Current offer is 30$
  7. CirroCumulus

    [SOLD] Selling PKH death account

    Selling as stated above in the titel a pkhonor death account. All 99's, got death unlocked, has a demon throne in house (Made by combining 2 magic stones, ea mstone going for 200b+ these days) Looking to get offers, the account doesn't have to sell. Need anymore info dont be afraid to pm me. Only accepting paypal offers. Cirrocumulus
  8. CirroCumulus


    Define ''all'' please.
  9. CirroCumulus

    Taking Script Requests! [PKH & DreamScape]

    Now this is interesting. Really curious to know how Mike did this
  10. CirroCumulus

    RSPS computer ban

    Yeah definitely mac banned, what server is it you are banned on if i may ask?