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  1. The Rsps I deal in are at the moment: , Pk honour. Payment method, 07/Rs3 and BTC. Pm me for BTC rates. Rates for Pk honour My 200-400k = your 1b Pk hounour Add my skype or pm me if you like to make a deal on any of these, always ask for pm I have alot of impostors. I will add you if you leave skype name below! I don't take responsibility for bans or mute that occur jouring the trade. Always ask for pm conformation before trading me. Skype name A-broke 280+ offsite feedback.
  2. Xbox 1 more my friends are geting it
  3. In a shop actually one were you could rent computers.
  4. Abrokenman

    Fallout 4

    Yeah pick up everything and sell it and buy ammo
  5. Abrokenman

    07RS best f2p bot

    Depends if your suiding or just going for cash over time, fishing for cash over time, Clay for sucide.
  6. 106 qp https://gyazo.com/f20d8c0b383d6e5613311fd8c7d1bfff
  7. Yes Have you ever heard of me?
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