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  1. Fetching game applet... GetSystemProp os.name = Windows 7 00:00:00:00:00 Blocked attempted command: [Ljava.lang.String;@e0b2ff3 Blocked attempted command: [Ljava.lang.String;@7c263103 Blocked attempted command: [Ljava.lang.String;@404e9748 GetSystemProp user.home = C:\Users\OPGGGGGGGGG GetSystemProp user.home = C:\Users\OPGGGGGGGGG GetSystemProp user.home = C:\Users\OPGGGGGGGGG GetSystemProp user.home = C:\Users\OPGGGGGGGGG java.lang.NullPointerException at org.rev317.min.Loader.fetchApplet(Loader.java:49) at org.parabot.core.Context.load(Context.java:263) at org.parabot.environment.servers.executers.ServerExecuter$1.run(Server Executer.java:27) at java.lang.Thread.run(Unknown Source) [PublicRandoms] Destination: C:\Users\OPGGGGGGGGG\Documents\Parabot\cache\random s.jar | dl: http://v3.bdn.parabot.org/api/bot/download/randoms [PublicRandoms] Initing core Randoms for Dreamscape java.lang.reflect.InvocationTargetException at sun.reflect.NativeMethodAccessorImpl.invoke0(Native Method) at sun.reflect.NativeMethodAccessorImpl.invoke(Unknown Source) at sun.reflect.DelegatingMethodAccessorImpl.invoke(Unknown Source) at java.lang.reflect.Method.invoke(Unknown Source) at org.parabot.core.parsers.randoms.PublicRandoms.parse(PublicRandoms.java:49) at org.parabot.core.parsers.randoms.RandomParser.enable(RandomParser.java:16) at org.parabot.environment.randoms.RandomHandler.init(RandomHandler.java:26) at org.parabot.environment.servers.executers.ServerExecuter$1.run(Server Executer.java:30) at java.lang.Thread.run(Unknown Source) Caused by: java.lang.NullPointerException at org.parabot.core.reflect.RefClass.<init>(RefClass.java:27) at org.parabot.randoms.soulplay.RandomUUID.<init>(RandomUUID.java:18) at org.parabot.randoms.Core.init(Core.java:46) ... 9 more Failed to parse random... Stuck at META-INF/CHANGES Any ideas?
  2. Thank you. I was not sure. I did not see that post. I looked in the wrong place.
  3. okay seems good for me now. I dont feel like anyone did anything and it began working. Maybe im mistaken though.
  4. Ayyyy sorry for the confusion to start. This type of stuff is not easy without a background in exactly that, coding/programming or other fairly complicated tasks. Computers are not very forgiving, so all it takes is like... an erroneous space (not sure how java reacts to blank space, other languages wont tolerate improper white space) or one capital letters difference to break everything. Good luck on your parabotting experience. Btw there are resources on here that can help you run your parabot client locally, which allows you open parabot and have the command prompt in the background. With that you have so much more access to debugging options. So for instance NPC ID's, or Entity ID's, Raw action data etc. It is another slightly tricky thing for the uninitiated (not implying I am initiated to any degree) but its worth doing. I will find a link or explain it myself if you'd like.
  5. I have found out how one would hook it themselves, but its a little outside my reach for the amount of time I have. If someone could so kindly update parabot for the new DS client that would be amazing. Thank you!
  6. yeah okay I just realized my mistake the idea here is that I had already renamed and copied my file elsewhere so its always 416 for me for you it will appear as client.jar you must copy client.jar and paste it in the parabot cache, but you have to rename it to 416633235 first. So the client.jar, name it 416633235 and then try all the steps again. for the amendment here: Copy the name of the 416 file from the PARABOT cache first, then copy the client.jar from ds cache, then move it to the parabot cache, AND rename it. It has to share the name of the file that wes previously there or parabot will be like wtf bro. Don't forget, we are all waiting for someone to hook the new client, so it wont even work with these steps until after it is updated by someone on parabot's team.
  7. Disclaimer: the dreamscape was just updated to 2.7, parabots wont work till someone hooks it I think. Open .ds_cache folder found under c/users/yourname/.ds_cache Open the cache and find the file name of the client for ds it like 416633235.jar or something like that. Copy that and me personally I save a copy on my desktop for when I need to do this the 10 times a day I do. Its just easier for me. Once it is copied you find the parabot cache folder which is under documents/parabot/cache (just locate the folder no need to open yet) Before you do anything else open the parabot client. Start your client. I just open Client-2.8.1.jar from the parabot folder. If you have your command prompt working on there then you will see upon startup in the cmd prompt that parabot has deleted the erroneous file if you copy/pasted prematurely After it is deleted and the client is open, then it is safe to take the copied 416633235.jar from the dscache and paste it in to the parabot cache. After copying the 416-.jar to the parabot cache then you can log in to parabot and then select DS and it should open fine. Like I said though, it may not work for you this way because of a class error of some variety. I am not equipped to speak past getting the cmd prompt to work or fixing the version issue with copy/paste. After parabot is updated to match the new version, this tactic should work just fine.
  8. Maybe you have old versions of Java that are interfering? I wish I could help more. I spent hours coming up with that fix for my own play. My problem was a version error, you are having issues with some java class.
  9. works for me. The issue for me was that if you open parabot AFTER you copy+paste the initialization of the program automatically purges the copy+pasted version. What you end up with is a client that still needs update. Open parabot, then copy+paste after it is open. I dont have to log on even to do it, I just have to open parabot AT ALL. The purge happens on startup is why. Start parabot, it will purge the old 416633253.cooties file, then paste the version from your ds.cache file in the parabot cache folder, after which logging on is possible, at least for me.
  10. It just worked. I just had done the same steps and the second time I did it, it wont work. The version has not changed. Well, it had changed, but it still worked after the change until I started trying to make the devrun.bat.
  11. Ive been reading around the forums and have done this before with success in the past. I am moved now and am starting again, so I need to reinstall. However, when I go to run my batch file, an old version of DreamScape appears. I had recently followed instructions on the forums about making sure I have my client moved and renamed in the parabot folder, to ensure the proper version initialized. It worked BEFORE I tried the batch file instructions. In order what I did was: Move my client to the parabot cache, renamed to match the prior name. Deleted old version. It worked for playing without cmd. Now I wanted cmd for debugging. What I did next was follow the batch file directions for making the devrun.bat. I typed in multiple things and none of them work. The old version of dreamscape is always put back in the parabot cache and the new version is removed. I can now run the parabot client through CMD but the old version initializes. I tried changing the name of the .jar in the CMD file but all it did was make it so parabot wont boot, but the old version of DreamScape does, but then I have no options for debugging because im no longer in parabot. Here are the two batch files arrangements: Title Devrun java -jar Client-2.8.1.jar -loadlocal -verbose pause this one worked and booted parabot, but wrong version of DS. Title Devrun java -jar Client.jar (from my ds cache) OR 416633235.jar (from my parabot cache) -loadlocal -verbose pause now I cannot figure what I am doing wrong I have followed 3-4 devrun guides ive found on here and these were my results I can add screenshots later but there is not much to look at. There are 3 files in my parabot cache and the main one was changed to my DS client file, and renamed to the old client's name. Then I have the devrun.bat file in the folder, but then my actual parabot client on my desktop. I tried putting them both together on the desktop AND in the parabot cache and neither worked. The out of date dreamscape client always replaces my version change. else I get an exception saying something is wrong. I have tried every arrangement of files and folders I can think of. Even fresh installed and started from scratch. All fails. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Okay now I am stumped. I reset everything and got to a fresh slate, and now I cant get parabot to work at all for DS. I noticed that my file disappears and is replaced with the old version the moment I load DS in Parabot. I cant find the post I have just used to make it playable without CMD now its just not playable at all. Its updated, the server I mean. Not sure what to make of it.
  12. Is dreamscape not updated? How can I tell if I have the right client or not, I just redownloaded to see if that helped, still stuck on 'please try again'
  13. Tried it, seems to just starve the process after I login. It just freezes and I have to exit. Exception in thread "Thread-10" java.lang.NoSuchMethodError: org.parabot.core.as m.redirect.ToolkitRedirect.createImage(Ljava/awt/Toolkit;Ljava/awt/image/ImagePr oducer;)Ljava/awt/Image; at com.soulplayps.client.ld.void(re:120) at com.soulplayps.client.ld.void(re:63) at com.soulplayps.client.Client.q(ql:5898) at com.soulplayps.client.Client.s(ql:14089) at com.soulplayps.client.Client.Q(ql:12318) at com.soulplayps.client.Client.case(ql:19209) at com.soulplayps.client.pv.run(mg:270) at com.soulplayps.client.Client.run(ql:7909) at java.lang.Thread.run(Unknown Source)
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