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  1. Hi guys, It's Falador here. My name is Tim, 22 years old i'm into RSPS since i was 12 or 13. Really loving the ParaBot community, and would like to learn more about botting on RSPS. I'm owning the server FaladorPS right now, going great we reached 60 online. And i really am interessed in this scene aswell (Not for my players to bot, but just in general) So yeah, nice to be here! ~ Tim
  2. Great Release Jeroen :) You put your time and effort into this. Good work :)
  3. http://faladorps.com -Customizable Max Cape -Unique Achievements -Gambling System -HD Client -Unique Interfaces -Construction -Team Dungeoneering -Kraken -Duo Slayer -Iron man Mode -Ultimate Ironman Mode -24 Working Skills -23+ Bosses -Evil Tree -Overlay HP NPC -Grand Exhcange -Kill Logs System -Drop Logs System -Time Played System -Voting Rewards -Quick Prayers -Lottery -Crashed Star -Well of Goodwill -OSRS Skiller Pets -Boss Pets -Smileys -Perfect Barrows -Pest Control -Over 200+ Combination Keys Teleports -Easter Eggs Images dont work.
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