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  1. says file is missing? just kidding, but how do i use it? like run it ? what do i need?
  2. when using lord raid, i start from home with at least 10 pray pots on me, doesnt type ;;joinraidx /
  3. my cmd prompt says java heap space when it freezes
  4. not sure tbh. should i try updating my java then? edit: okay its most current version of java
  5. yeah i tried putting -Xmx1G -Xms256M into my run.bat file and it didnt do anything. im using java x64. still the same ole lag as soon as i get into game.
  6. Hi, whenever i try to load into game, it ends up freezing 5 seconds into getting into the game. ive tried deleting cache and reloading multiple times. still freezes after being in for a couple seconds. what can i do to stop client from being glitchy? This is for DS btw
  7. would it be possible to add another server? Im interested in SnowHD317 being on parabot. 

    1. Lord


      Unfortunately this server does not seem to be big enough for us to add it to parabot, this being said it could be added locally if you hook it. 

  8. I have a decent combat bot created on autoit, and im jw how i would be able to make it loot items after each kill. Pm me if you can be of services. I would be willing to share script once its done to help the communtity. usable on all servers seeing as certain conditions are met.
  9. I attempted to learn but couldnt figure it out.
  10. The site needs more people to start hooking. all servers are dead.
  11. all ya gotta do is look up "hook" in search bar, but i did the work for you so here is link to tutorial @quietess
  12. i would be interested in learning to do all of this. if anybody has any links that could help me, id greatly appreciate it as would these fine people of the parabot community. ty
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