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  1. Arael

    Parabot turns into a small bar? [DreamScape]

    I had this issue when I changed to "OSRS Client Resolution" in the settings, what fixed it for me was launching dreamscape (not via parabot), and in the options untick "OSRS Client Resolution". You should be able to launch via parabot after that, if not perhaps a different issue.
  2. Arael

    LordPeng [Penguin Killer]

    Working fine for most part, but doesnt want to use bones on altar (will still bury them) EDIT: Few minutes in just stops, only looting mbox, ckey, charms, and then only mbox and ckey
  3. Arael

    LordKilling Pro

    Not looting any Mystery Boxes/Ckeys on Dreamscape, tried the 1 less than ID and the shown one too