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  1. Forum name was godurrsps or something like that
  2. There are admin dreamscape members infesting this forums like rats and looking for gold sellers to set up. BEWARE! Banned immediately!
  3. zammyz

    Dreamscape gold

    Selling dreamscape high stock gold, giving best offers & rates. pm me if interested. Taking rs07,Cryptocurrency, & small buys on paypal. Fully legit, will increment & go fist if incremented. 125t per $1.00 best deal !!! LIMITED time!!
  4. Woah whens the album droppin??? this fire!!!!
  5. Be cautious when dealing with this guy. He is always asking for information such as Skype etc; that could give him your IP and info. He is little known in the community and is always negatively bashing another's work in a post. He could be a scam or not, just make sure you record. There are possibly better MM's out there in my sincere opinion!
  6. This guy is insisting on my skype and payment from paypal. I have repatedly told Him I do NOT take paypal. I have done many increment deals such as $2 or more and received well sales and traffic. I do not go first unless the increment is small enough to my liking. I also message on here or discord NOT SKYPE. The user above is promoting FUD, a new more updated thread regarding this will soon be posted! 2/15/2018 - DEALS may be increased further, I haven't been on much lately to accommodate for fluctuation of DS eco!
  7. payin 95t per USD$ pm huge stock, pm! :$
  8. I do 65t+ per USD! and 70t above $50; WILL 100% beat insansehost's deals as I have a bigger inventory; shoot me a PM!!!! & Dreamscape is an Old Server; (older than OSRS) so you're completely wrong. Thread
  9. zammyz


    Sounds very interesting
  10. SELLING $1 for 55t + read my thread! im overpaying!
  11. buying donations 40t+ per $$$ :P pm me. but yeah these tickets man nice bot run.
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