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  1. I as well would easily donate to see this back in action please respond, any kinda of staff!!
  2. mattydukes


    Please update. Makes me not want to donate if the only thing i play on never gets updated.
  3. Emma is it possible to stop the teleportation in some circumstances because now ownercape area has some mystic trees and would be easier for me to be there.
  4. Thank you for your hard work the script works well and was worth my money. Keep up the great work and I’ll keep supporting!
  5. Yes but the script didn’t have the necessities I wanted so I was going to use it and edit it. I just couldn’t find out how to get it into my setup and properly configure it but I am all set now.
  6. Just to verify does this pick up eagle nests as well?
  7. How do i add into my game? I am sorry a little bit of a noob but i want to add lava trees on this however after i add modifications i am not sure how to add into my launcher.
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