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  1. if you need a way to get for free VPN's 24/7 send me a pm ;p
  2. little error they are looking att it
  3. some delay can be updated every second or minute won't take long anymore!
  4. updated in 10 minute! no re-download needed! Clear Cache!
  5. did you also remove the cache from parabot?
  6. @iiMack so low. good behavior very very cool boy xD good luck with your bullshit fight xD
  7. @iiMack They are figuring out how to fix the update! so they don't know a time or day when updated! your question is useless.
  8. @iiMack They are working on it be patience.
  9. siepel

    Can't launch Parabot

    @Tuk Tuk the parabot.jar is a java file! so you don't need to open it with winrar! you need to run the parabot.jar with java! so open file with java!
  10. siepel


    No problem! @Mengele if you need other help you can contact me!
  11. siepel

    Cant log in

    @sgtBluntSmoke did you verified your accounts?
  12. siepel

    parabot client

    @bepsi the parabot.jar is a java file this will mean you need to run it with java.
  13. siepel


    @mengele this topic will show you how
  14. siepel

    LordKilling Pro

    @reph you can find the id by Starting your parabot.jar file with a .bat file! once the client started up you can click in the client debug: NPC id.. The id,s of the npc's will pop up att your cmd..
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