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  1. Not trying to spam, but if you play DS please read this post guys.
  2. Agreed, but still think it would be nice to have one if/when they make another spot.
  3. Seriously, all that guy does is bitch and complain.
  4. burritomm

    LordKilling Pro

    No worries man, life happens.
  5. Yeah, again... you'll be fine man.
  6. Calm down dude. You pay a one time fee. You'll be fine for a few days.
  7. Just a heads up, it was just updated now though. And the bots won't work with the update. P.S. Thanks for all you do on here Lord.
  8. I second this. If you don't mind, could you take another look at it please?
  9. burritomm

    LordKilling Pro

    I don't have flasks, but I'll try them. I had like half my inventory open though. No matter what selections, potions/flasks, amount, or anything I do, this bot won't use restores or flasks... works great otherwise! Just won't recover prayer.
  10. burritomm

    LordKilling Pro

    So I'm trying to use it again today with the same settings/same location/same monsters all that jazz... I copied the logger (see below) Logger initialised Loading GUI Dreamscape Attack Dreamscape Attack Dreamscape Attack Dreamscape Attack Dreamscape Attack Dreamscape Attack Setting Bank for Dreamscape Setting restores for Dreamscape Setting SoulSplit for Dreamscape Setting Turmoil for Dreamscape GUI is Finished Current Version number: 2.52 Monsters to attack: [2587] Using restore pot at: 37 Pray points Items on the loot list: [10] Eatting at: [2587] Id's of what to eat: 10 Banking: true Script started. Time run for: 00:00:29 Monster killed: 0 Script stopped. Update 1: I don't know why, but it just started working... I think my prayer was below what I set the restore point at and maybe that caused it to not run properly. Update 2: It's for sure the prayer that's causing the issues. I set the bot to use restores at 43 prayer and once it reached 43 prayer, the bot just stopped.
  11. burritomm

    LordKilling Pro

    It just won't start up. Regardless of what I do. I was trying it at Magegray's. I'm trying it again now. ---Updated: It started working. My apologies. Not sure what the issue was. Thanks for all the quick responses though!
  12. Would you be willing to take a look at your script again? It doesn't seem to be working.
  13. burritomm

    LordKilling Pro

    Man, I can't get this bot to even start for the life of me. I've looked through this entire thread and tried everything that showed up, but nothing works...
  14. This is why they pay you the big bucks man. Thanks for the update. Hope you enjoyed the vacation.
  15. The anticipation Lol hope they can get to it soon.
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