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  1. Even though it sucks waiting for ikov bot to be back up but, it's good to hear you guys are doing something for the antiban seeings accounts were banned left and right. Can't wait to use after the update. Thankyou very much @Lord
  2. I'm using neither proxy or vpn
  3. This is where I'm getting stuck at. It worked just fine for a few days then this issue over the last few days. i've tried deleteing both ikov, and parabot files & re downloaded at separate times hoping to solve the issue to no avail, also just tried again with no luck. Any more advice would be very much appreciated, Thank you. also not running proxie
  4. I'm having an issue logging into Ikov, it loads the client just fine. it's just when I actually go to log in, it just sits at the loading please waiting to connect box and never actually logs in. Is this something i'm doing?
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