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  1. VeryDank

    dreamscape freezing

    update java or get 64bit verison of it, i had x86 with same problem
  2. VeryDank

    Selling Dreamscape Gold

    prices with paypal?
  3. VeryDank

    [Dreamscape] Arcade Fighter

    ahh i ran my main acc xdd, i just started botting osrs again,ds was fun xd
  4. VeryDank

    [Dreamscape] Arcade Fighter

    i ran bot for 3d straight, how much did you run it? xd
  5. VeryDank

    [Dreamscape] Arcade Fighter

    Just got banned on 2 acc's, lost about 40q, time to bot osrs i guess xd
  6. VeryDank

    [Dreamscape] Arcade Fighter

    anyone got banned for using arcade bot?
  7. VeryDank

    [Dreamscape] Arcade Fighter

  8. VeryDank

    [Dreamscape] Arcade Fighter

    Remember people to not crash eco to much, they will start doing something i prices drops very much, just try rng on boxes imo
  9. VeryDank

    Dreamscape RSPS Bot

    i updated java and its good now, thanks for help
  10. VeryDank

    Dreamscape RSPS Bot

    i bought the script also, but for me the parabot client is extremely laggy and frezzes every few secs, what should i do?
  11. VeryDank

    Dreamscape Update [10/08/2018]

    its just me or parabot client lags very much
  12. VeryDank

    Dreamscape Arcade Bot

    asked about this while ago, no one is intrested in making this one
  13. VeryDank

    LordPeng [Penguin Killer]

    lord is very busy nowdays, i suggest to just use thieving bot
  14. VeryDank

    DS is outdate

    you can't, lord was only one fixing and updating parabot but hes gone
  15. VeryDank

    Dreamscape RSPS Bot

    @Giggles can you write arcade script?