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  1. Swoon

    LordKilling Pro

    Not quite sure what part of my post you are refferring to here so i'l give it a guess. A loot list (Which Lord mentioned in his post), is different to a loot everything option. Although I am not sure how bots like these identify items on the ground. Might need to search for a specific ID in order to differentiate what is an item and what is an npc/mesh/objects? Correct me if im wrong. On a side note; Whats this? haha. Seems to be flooding my cmd every now and then when running this script More suggestions: Use weapon spec
  2. Swoon

    LordKilling Pro

    Cant get eating or potting to work on dreamscape. Doesnt eat food id it is instructed, and if I enable potting it gets stuck in a ::bank loop. (Deposits inventory, withdraws pots, ::bank and repeat) Also looting seems pretty delayed. Doesnt loot until a couple seconds after attacking a new mob. Becomes an issue when the mob I am attacking has a 30 second respawn timer. Edit: Also, a safespot feature would be nice! And a Loot anything option? As I dont always have the item available to check its ID.
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