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  1. iStitchHead

    Dreamscape Updated, Parabot Update Required!!

    You guys need to chill out.. They will update when they have time. If you are that concerned with updating it right away learn how to update the API yourself and update for everyone. Until then stop bitching.
  2. iStitchHead

    [DREAMSCAPE] Emma's Mystic Cutter

    Awesome work. I look forward to buying this! Appreciate all the hard work you all put into scripts.
  3. iStitchHead

    Dreamscape Killingbot

    You are the man Lord. Hope you enjoyed the vacation man.
  4. iStitchHead

    DreamScape Updated / Bot is Outdated

    Relax @xoclientkey the update came out today... considering you dont know how to do it please sh..
  5. iStitchHead

    Dreamscape Killingbot

    My goal
  6. iStitchHead

    Dreamscape Killingbot

  7. iStitchHead

    Frozen Screen/Scripts arent showing up

    figured out solution
  8. I am not sure what has changed I have deleted all files/cleared cache and redownloaded client. But when I try and log on and click on dreamscape it freezes. Box turns dark grey as if I selected it but then nothing happens. Also when going to the BDN and trying to add the scripts that i've bought and free ones. I add them and they do no appear when clicking the run function. Anyone have any fixes for this issue?
  9. iStitchHead

    Common Dreamscape issues

    Anyone know why dreamscape wont load? I have done all the troubleshooting methods but for some reason it just freezes when trying to load the dreamscape client Picture of what it looks like below: