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  1. iStitchHead

    Dreamscape Killingbot

    You are the man Lord. Hope you enjoyed the vacation man.
  2. iStitchHead

    DreamScape Updated / Bot is Outdated

    Relax @xoclientkey the update came out today... considering you dont know how to do it please sh..
  3. iStitchHead

    Dreamscape Killingbot

    My goal
  4. iStitchHead

    Dreamscape Killingbot

  5. iStitchHead

    Frozen Screen/Scripts arent showing up

    figured out solution
  6. I am not sure what has changed I have deleted all files/cleared cache and redownloaded client. But when I try and log on and click on dreamscape it freezes. Box turns dark grey as if I selected it but then nothing happens. Also when going to the BDN and trying to add the scripts that i've bought and free ones. I add them and they do no appear when clicking the run function. Anyone have any fixes for this issue?
  7. iStitchHead

    Common Dreamscape issues

    Anyone know why dreamscape wont load? I have done all the troubleshooting methods but for some reason it just freezes when trying to load the dreamscape client Picture of what it looks like below: