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  1. rhooijmaijers

    LordKilling Pro

    I pmed you @Lord
  2. rhooijmaijers

    LordKilling Pro

    The bot might need an update, maybe add the function of Multi-kill one shotting aswell. This is a new future added to specific ranks ingame, would be lovely if you would be able to add this into the script.
  3. No staff has been on for the last week or responded is the bot even coming up again?
  4. @Lord, it has been down now for almost a week any updates on when you can get it back on again?
  5. hopefully this is gonna be back up soon, its taking a while now unfortunately.
  6. rhooijmaijers

    LordKilling Pro

    No problem man we understand you thanks for the amazing job you have done so far hope you'll continue to do as great as you did!
  7. awesome job @Lord, unfortunately you don't have any help. But I really appreciate the work and time you put into this thanks alot man!
  8. is this gonna take ages? Even though he is on vacation we do pay for a program to work and it did work for me 2 days but it has been off now already for 4 days thats a bad thing.
  9. any updates or progress on updating the bot..? (it's been 2-3 days without any reactions)
  10. rhooijmaijers

    LordKilling Pro

    Ive bought the pro edition luckily it shows the nearby npc id's, but since I want to get the drops I do not know how to get the ID's of the items (I am not that well known with CMD and such like that) So could someone just explain step by step how I do this, sorry for the inconvenience..
  11. rhooijmaijers

    LordKilling Pro

    could anyone input the Id's of chaos elementals, since I really do not get how to get the NPC Id's on the bot (loadlocal on CMD doesn't work for me)
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