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  1. turtle1332

    [Server Updated] Dreamscape

    Because it isn't updated yet. This is an old thread.
  2. turtle1332

    DreamScape Updated / Bot is Outdated

    Lord is busy with other things currently. Keep an eye on the forums for an update when Lord has time to do so.
  3. turtle1332

    DreamScape Updated / Bot is Outdated

    There was no need for an update. Just a simple server restart. Most NPCs should be all good now.
  4. turtle1332

    Dreamscape Arcade bot

    Seems like a fairly simple script. Would love to see it done.
  5. Hey.  I sent a pm and need some help.  Could you check please?  Would be appreciated.

  6. turtle1332

    Unable to Sign into Bot

    I was able to log into Parabot the other day before the DreamScape update and even after the update but of course, I couldn't play it. But now I am getting a message saying that I have the incorrect username or password. I am using the exact same login as I have been. I am able to log into the forums just fine. Just not the bot itself.