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  1. Parabot is no longer being supported atm. Owner is busy irl. Don't waste your money atm.
  2. I'll pay $50 for the working hooked client.
  3. Parabot isn't being updated and hasn't been for awhile.
  4. It's not an error. Parabot is not being updated. So everytime a server updates if parabot doesn't get "hooked" then you can't use the bots.
  5. autumncrown

    Plz Help....

    This bot client hasn't been updated in at least 3 weeks. That's why it's not working.
  6. Please update dreamscape. It has been down for weeks. Became a VIP for this server and am willing to pay more monthly to keep it going. @Lord
  7. Probably never. There's only 1 person running this and he does it as a hobby so things move slowly.
  8. autumncrown

    npc ids

    Dreamscape bots aren't working atm.no one has updated the client. When it's updated I'll help you.
  9. 1st when it says that you have to delete the cache from the parabot folder and 2nd the parabot client hasn't been updated yet so its not working.. sorry man
  10. Have you found a buyer? I'm interested but payday isn't until Friday so if it's still around then maybe we can make this happen 🙂
  11. None atm because dreamscape just updated again. So we'll have to waot and see omce para gets updated also.
  12. Tbh Emma's hasnt worked right for me since before this last update. Would never tele out once the tree's were gone. Pretty sure its not being upkept. And yeah my arcade script isnt moving either. Although the regular lord killing script works just fine for the time being.
  13. autumncrown

    LordKilling Pro

    After this most recent update the npc list is no longer generating for dreamscape when you use the get/refresh button @Lord
  14. Deleted my cache and it worked instantly:) thanks for updating guys, I appreciate it.
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