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  1. Zoril

    LordKilling Pro

    Cant afford the pieces unfortunately 😕 .. but ya it might be a good idea to buy collectors.
  2. Zoril

    LordKilling Pro

    Anyone got loot ID on Necromancers? Doesnt exist in the item list provided here.
  3. Zoril

    LordKilling Pro

    Yeah doesnt drink restores and public chat bugs out when running this script
  4. Zoril

    LordKilling Pro

    I was fooling around abit with the bot and noticed that it chugs 1 sip of the restore pot but only when its a full restore pot(4). As soon as prayer drops for the second time the bot stops. Super weird.. And yes the public chat bug is kinda dangerous. Makes it easier to get banned.
  5. Zoril

    LordKilling Pro

    Yeah thats what i ment with pots sry, it wont use restores. As i said "while running the bot", public chat works fine when not running this script. If the script works perfectly for you must also mean these things work for you aswell? Please try and see if it really works.
  6. Zoril

    LordKilling Pro

    When you say it works perfectly, does it use pots? Also are you able to see what people type in public chat while running the bot? Just curious cause these are the problems im having.
  7. Zoril

    LordKilling Pro

    No i havent noticed any lag at all while botting other than some hiccups while loading the script.
  8. Zoril

    LordKilling Pro

    Well by doing that you cant run the bot in the background.
  9. Zoril

    LordKilling Pro

    One picture for the afk mode kicking in and one for the weird chatbox bug. As you can see the text doesnt appear when talking in public but ::yell works fine. Whatever i type gets stuck aswell so i can spam 'enter' to send a msg over and over again.
  10. Zoril

    LordKilling Pro

    Hey! Was wondering if you can implement a way to not go into afk mode? Love your scripts but cant really use this bot without babysitting cause of the afk mode. Edit: Seems like something is wrong with the chat aswell while running this script. Can't see what people type in the chatbox only over there character.
  11. Zoril

    dreamscape error:null

    think it has to do with them updating the server. Have the same error.