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  1. MikeRotch

    Dreamscape RSPS Bot

    Standing in NE corner + option to turn off prayer is an option to die at certain waves for most gearsets. Plus standing in NE corner spawns mobs closer so you don't have to wait for them to get to you. So you'd get more xp/hour is you stood in NE corner and script could turn off prayer on certain waves depending on your preference.
  2. MikeRotch

    Dreamscape RSPS Bot

    For wave 19, if you're standing in the NE corner, you'll spawn closer to the ghosts, which if you have a hit-or-miss time passing wave 19, this is why, if you kills ghosts > pacman > tetris pieces. Is the best way. Then for Helicopter rounds, you'll spawn close enough that you won't have to run closer to hit the helicopter, therefore taking less free damage before you can start healing.
  3. MikeRotch

    Dreamscape RSPS Bot

    Working great so far! 😄 edit: Would be amazing if you made it run to North East corner to start 😉
  4. MikeRotch

    dreamscape error:null

    I'm having the same error