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  1. I was clearing the Dreamscape cache but not the Parabot cache. Kind of embarrassing. Sorry guys
  2. I don't use onedrive or dropbox, cache is in my users folder as normal which can be seen by the 'last updated' column in explorer. When I delete this, it does download again, so i'm pretty sure my cache is in the correct place. If you don't mind, could you try it? Is it still working good now? Dreamscape works fine when I run it from the official launcher.
  3. Hi, Firstly I'd like to thank you for providing the scripts. They're helpful as fuck. It's odd, I delete my cache. It redownloads the cache as you'd expect, extracts the zips and reaches 100% on that and gets to dreamscapes 'loading client - this wont take long' screen. And then.. It nulls. If I click 'OK' on the confirmation box, it restarts the procedure of downloading the cache and installing. Which of course, takes us to the null again. Not sure if anyone else is experiencing this, but I thought I'd document it. Thanks Ryan
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