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  1. paw

    fishing script

    HI id like to know why i cant fish whit the old script
  2. You can always update parabot yourself, This is the great thing about being an open source community. There are guides and tutorials around that will teach this to you. how i can find a guide all seem dead or not valide link...
  3. paw

    V25.5 UP!

    that mean parabot need a update 🙂
  4. paw

    script "file ban"

    Hi i start the mistic script and it stop whit file ban in consol
  5. why it say update my client serius i just clear cache
  6. paw

    fix update dreamscape

    I delete cache and reload the bot and it say reload your client and update it.
  7. paw

    fix update dreamscape

    Hi I would love to fix update of dreamscape :)
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