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  1. Not to flame or anything but you'll never get anywhere close to $800.
  2. Asked for both this and OC zone 😕 weeks ago
  3. Can the ability to do this at extreme/OC zone be possible ?
  4. What if you could only set it to trigger when in the arcade?
  5. Wouldnt need to go into a whole conversation. Only would need to say things ranging from hey-hi-Im not afk OR just a warning that could pop up on your screen when a staff member is present!
  6. daddyt

    No Client Loading!

    I have same issue but only when I try to load it up using intellij
  7. daddyt

    need help with a bot

    search parabot in your task bar- go to file location- delete cache- then go into recycling and delete it from there too
  8. No idea but still patiently waiting!
  9. I completely uninstalled all my Java programs then reinstalled them.
  10. https://image.prntscr.com/image/1eHxsjrnRKOTAbk5DyDA9g.png any fix? I have 64 bit java
  11. @LordIts really weird because It can still thieve but the screen freezes except for the inventory and chat.
  12. @Lord 64 and it only happens with the parabot client.
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