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  1. firegod3427

    [DREAMSCAPE] Emma's Mystic Cutter

    are the logs useless or can u sell them somewhere
  2. firegod3427

    LordKilling Pro

    I cant get it to loot anything as well
  3. firegod3427

    Client is laggy

    I got java 32bit
  4. firegod3427

    Client is laggy

    Hmm I increased the amount it can use but it still is freezing in first 3 seconds totally lost here guys
  5. firegod3427

    Freezing client

    I am having the same issue just bought some scripts and cant even use them🤬
  6. firegod3427

    Dreamscape Update [10/08/2018]

    I deleted the cache both in client and manually just keeps freezing
  7. firegod3427

    Dreamscape Update [10/08/2018]

    for some reason the client keeps lagging and then freezes plz help
  8. firegod3427

    [Server Update] Dreamscape updated!

    how do u delete cache I cant find parabot folder never mind I figured it out it still doesn't work though
  9. firegod3427

    Dreamscape has been updated

    how long does it usually take
  10. firegod3427

    Dreamscape was just updated

    when will the client be up and running every time I log on it just says update your game