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  1. http://bdn.parabot.org/scripts/script.php?s=1000189-JKWoodCutter only wc bot costs $2 when we alreadying paying $9 for vip ...
  2. anyone bought this script?
  3. no bro all scripts bad no waste money
  4. The bot gets to the screen where you enter your ikov user and password then the client closes after you enter user and password.
  5. LigmaTY

    New Client?

    I wasn't having any problems adding scripts except for the fighter one, but now its saying Ikov has been updated again lol.
  6. LigmaTY

    New Client?

    Thanks, said I needed to load up Ikov launcher to get libraries.
  7. LigmaTY

    New Client?

    Stuck on "Entering Title Screen..." 😞
  8. LigmaTY

    New Client?

    Thanks for the information! Hope to see it working soon! :)
  9. LigmaTY

    New Client?

    Hey guys, just donated so I could use the new Ikov version. Says client needs updated... do I wait for an update or what?
  10. All other RSPS are dead now guys. It's IKOV ALL THE WAY BABY. But on a serious note... The dev's need to invest in Ikov as it's going to be the next money making scheme.
  11. LigmaTY


    How "Soon" are we talking :P
  12. LigmaTY


    Is there a time frame on the addition of Ikov?
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