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  1. sobora

    [RELEASE] New Parabot release (V2.7)

    how to use bot for imagineps?
  2. sobora

    Dreamscape is out of date

    Needs an update
  3. sobora

    [DREAMSCAPE] Emma's Mystic Cutter

    dreamscape needs an update after the thanksgiving patch today 😕
  4. sobora

    [Dreamscape] Arcade Fighter

    add turmoil prayer? and super pots option? there seems to be a problem with bot exiting after round 19 he clicks exit and thinks he exited already and the range minion keeps attacking bot so he doesn't exit and afk this only happens when i have mage weapon euips when i have melee set on he will do his best to keep click leave area until he leaves
  5. sobora

    [Dreamscape] aInstanceFighter

    is this still working for anyone else?