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  1. Myself and multiple other people are paying for scripts run by parabot, so its vital that this update happens soon. Parabot is responsible for updating their client accordingly with rsps server updates.
  2. this has happened before, and i made a forum thread about it as well. But it was resolved by a user named youngtree. im not sure if he can do it again. I messaged and asked him though
  3. Jimt

    Parabot wont load dreamscape

    where can i install the 64 bit java
  4. Dreamscape has been updated, a new parabot update is required. When you try to login it says "The server has been updated, please update and restart your client" If anyone can help with this it would be greatly appreciated
  5. Jimt

    [SOULPLAY] If you're having issues

    We need a parabot update for dreamscape
  6. A new parabot update is required! Dreamscape updated their server and now when you try to login it says "The server has been update, please update and restart your client" The link above did not work! we need a new update man, can you help us with that like you did before?
  7. Jimt

    Selling Dreamscape Gold

    $10 for 50Q. i can paypal you right now
  8. Jimt


    I was curious if any of the scripters of the staff could possibly develop more scripts for Dreamscape. Some skills like herblore, summoning, and slayer might be hard to do, but if someone could make some simple scripts for cooking, crafting, smithing, and agility, that would be extremely helpful and greatly appreciated. What other script ideas would you like to see? Type them below 😄
  9. Jimt

    Selling Dreamscape Gold

    how did you get all that money. did you donate?
  10. Thank you, the URL you provided has given me a working client.
  11. how do i delete everything in my java file
  12. @youngtree196 i just re downloaded the parabot client and it still says "client has been updated, please update and restart client" when i try to log into dreamscape. Where can i download the updated version of parabot. Where do i get the version that works for you?
  13. @youngtree196 is yours working on Dreamscape? Or Soulplay. Because parabot still doesent work with dreamscape for me
  14. We are chill, we just notice an update is needed because people are paying to use these scripts. But where and how can i update the API myself. Could you please tell me how i can do that.
  15. Jimt

    Dreamscape needs update

    The dreamscape client has updated, its the parabot client that needs to update. But Bump because this needs to be done. People are paying for this service.