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  1. Instead of waiting for soulsplit to update, buy this maxed out dreamscape account! 😄
  2. Worth over $3000! But i'll sell it for much less! Once you buy this youre immediately the best player in the game, Lets make a deal while you can! @autumncrown
  3. Just added more rare items to increase the value of this deal! Get it while you can!
  4. Jimt

    Anti-Ban Bot

    @Lord @EmmaStone @Milette @JKetelaar @oauth I was just checking back to see if the alarm feature when staff memebers are detected could be added to parabot. Or a feature that stops your bot immediately when staff is detected. Since we ruled out the auto log out system, if you design parabot to stop any running script if staff is detected, that could potentially prevent bans. Please let me know what you think about it.
  5. @EmmaStone @Lord this Mystic Cutter bot needs updating because itno longer teleports to the ::Wc area after all the trees have been cut, like it used to. Everything else with it works fine. It banks, cuts, and teleports into the mystic area without any issue, but it freezes up when it has to teleport out of the mystic area after the trees are depleted. Please inform us when this is resolved. Thank you. @JKetelaar @Milette @oauth
  6. @autumncrown No buyer has been found yet. Get in touch with me on friday and we'll see what can be done. @Breadsword If you look at this webpage: https://dreamscape317.net/store/store.php?id=54 you will see that several of the items that i have are worth well over $100 on their own. For example, the Ak47 Asiimov is $250, and thats just a fraction of all the things i have. What else can you offer.
  7. Your right, i had to rename to DS client.jar to 416633235.jar in order for it to work. Thank you @poonstank
  8. @poonstank when i go to my .ds_cache folder i cant find any 416633235.jar inside that folder. I can only find that 426633235.jar in my parabot cache folder. There are similar kinds of files in the DS client But when i drag the files from the DS client, into the 426633235.jar of the parabot cache, it still does not work. Where do you find the 426633235.jar in the .ds_cache folder.
  9. @poonstank reguardless, what exactly is your java version, and what exactly are your steps you take to update parabot.
  10. @ocean @poonstank i tried both of your techniques and i still get the same error during the loading screen "downloading: com/dreamscape/d/t.class". Please help me resolve this.
  11. @poonstank make an easy step by step process. That explanation was hard to follow.
  12. @Lordparabot needs an update for dreamscape
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