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  1. @EmmaStone Your Mystic Woodcutting script does not bank the logs after a full inventory, like it used to. It cuts, but does not bank. Please advise when this is updated, Thank you so much. Your scripts are great! @Lord Im not sure if there is anything you can do about this, but i thought i would inform you as well, In case you can develop a "Lords Mystic Cutter" or assist in resolving the script. Thank you both.
  2. Jimt

    Emma's Mystic Woodcutting Script

    Its happening to me to. Its because all the trees get cut from the extreme donator zone, and then the script types ::wc which brings you to the non-donator woodcutting zone
  3. Jimt

    Emma's Mystic Woodcutting Script

    Excellent! Thank you @EmmaStone and @Lord for your outstanding professional service! i cant wait to see what other scripts you both come up with! They all work wonderfully!
  4. Jimt

    Emma's Mystic Woodcutting Script

    Thats righteous @Lord im glad the community is still tight like that.
  5. Jimt

    Emma's Mystic Woodcutting Script

    It still only banks for super donator+ players using the ::Bank command, it doesn't run to a bank chest like it used to. I cant use this script on my normal player account. @EmmaStone please advise when this is fixed, thank you so much!
  6. Dreamscape version 25.5 came out today and parabot gets stuck during the "META INF" loading process. Please advise us when this is updated, Thank you so much. Also due to the frequent updates that dreamscape makes, which makes parabot unusable, i feel that we should form some sort of solution that is capable for all users, so we dont have to wait for staff to update the parabot client. There should be a way where the users of parabot can update their client on their own without waiting for the staff to recode parabot. Please post your ideas and advice, thank you.
  7. If anyone can find a guide to to updating the parabot manually when a dreascape update occurs, please let me know, i would love to know how to keep my parabot client updated on my own
  8. Jimt

    Dreamscape Working scripts

    Works fine: Lords Arcade, Emma's Mystic Cutter (banks for donators only), Lords killing, Emma's Fisher, Emma's Miner, Peng Killer, and Emma's Woodcutter all work fine. The others still require slight updating.
  9. Jimt

    Emma's Mystic Woodcutting Script

    It chops until full and then attempts to open the bank by typing ::bank, instead of running to the bank chest like it used to. This "::bank" command doesnt work for my account because im a normal player, not a donator. Please adjust it to make it run to the bank chest in the mystic cutting zone, so that normal players can use it too. Thanks so much @EmmaStone! You and @Lord are awesome for holding it down.
  10. Dreamscape version 25.3 has been released. Parabot needs to make an update accordingly.
  11. @Lord thank you too so much for keeping the client updated!!
  12. Jimt

    Emma's Mystic Woodcutting Script

    @Lord if you made a working mystic cutter that auto progressed and banked eagle nests, you would be the only competition with @EmmaStone's obsolete script. I can guarantee there would be a copious amount of people who would buy that.
  13. Jimt

    Lords Arcade Script

    @Lord Since the new dreamscape version 25.4 the arcade script does not move around to avoid afk poison and it doesnt apply soulsplit like it used to. Now it only gets to wave 5 before afk poison kills you. Please advise when this is updated, thank you so much for the great work.
  14. Jimt

    LordKilling Pro

    Also, @Lord's arcade script does not move to avoid AFK detection like it used to. Please update and advise us when this is complete. Thank you so much @Lord and everyone involved in the updates.
  15. Jimt

    [DREAMSCAPE] Emma's Mystic Cutter

    Currently the @EmmaStone mystic woodcutter does not bank logs in the extreme donator zone or the ::wc mystic tree zone. The script stops when the inventory is full. Please advise us when this is fixed. Thank you so much
  16. Does your Emma's woodcutting and Lords Arcade script work after deleting the cache? Because my @Lord's arcade script doesent move around to avoid AFK poison like it used to. And the "Emma's Woodcutting" script doesnt bank like it used to.
  17. Lots of work needs to be dealt with regarding the new update. @Lord please advise us of any progress. Thank you
  18. Still awaiting a parabot update for dreamscape version 25.4. Attention all staff, please notify us on this thread when the update is complete. Thank you
  19. A new update 25.4 just came out and now when i try to load it after dropping the new cache into the parabot files, it gets stuck on loading "org/apache/common/a/c.class" please advise when an update is complete. Thank you
  20. I strongly agree, the value of parabot is declining because of its customer service. We're just patiently waiting for the update.
  21. Thats what im saying. This forum thread is never meant to cause arguments, its simply to inform us when an the updated client is available.
  22. I concur. but again, the main purpose of this thread, is to inform us when an update to parabot has been made for dreamscape
  23. @cyber321 unnecessary. This thread is to notify us when there is a dreamscape update, not to bicker with eachother.
  24. Thanks again @cyber321 for yet another one of your famously unhelpful remarks 👍