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  1. TrueSharp

    Anti-Ban Bot

    Yeh that's what i mean
  2. TrueSharp

    Anti-Ban Bot

    i'd say atleast to disable the feature that log you in directly back if you d/c . most of the time , u get a warning before getting ban ( a kick ) . If the bot relogs , you get banned. Is that something possible ? or atleast creating an option that you can opt out or in , of that feature.
  3. TrueSharp

    LordKilling Pro

    Ohh didn't see it was about loot everything option lol sorry be sure to fill all the boxes , i think it will fix your flooding cmd
  4. TrueSharp

    LordKilling Pro

    Lord answered me about the item ID . Safespot is a good idea tho
  5. TrueSharp

    LordKilling Pro

    Just a lil prob which doesn't affect the productivity of the bot itself , but when you're currently attacking a monster , the bot tries to attack another mob even if the one you were attacking isn't dead. That cause two things : 1. It stop attacking the main mob to try to attack the other one . 2. It doesn't grab proprely after a kill the loot on the floor . That being said , that's a really well coded bot and really usefull. Maybe when you'll have time , adding a drop list from the monster you've selected from the monster target tab ? Tyvm
  6. TrueSharp

    LordKilling Pro

  7. TrueSharp

    dreamscape is loading please wait

    be sure to have the java version x64
  8. TrueSharp

    Dreamscape Updated. Parabot Update Required

    Guys chiiiilll
  9. TrueSharp

    [Dreamscape] LordRaid

    Np @Lord , we can use it so it's already pretty good ! Thanks matee
  10. TrueSharp

    [Dreamscape] LordRaid

    Hey , just a suggestion : Could you add Raid 5 ?
  11. TrueSharp

    "loading client... Please Wait"

    True ! now it is
  12. TrueSharp

    "loading client... Please Wait"

    dl java 64 bit
  13. Time to learn then
  14. would be cool to do it by ourself tho
  15. Yes they have done a fix patch in the middle of the day . I pmed him
  16. Thanks ! But they did an update like 20 ago again 😛 i pmed you .
  17. TrueSharp

    Parabot wont load dreamscape

    Google it
  18. TrueSharp

    Parabot wont load dreamscape

    Clear cache / unistall java and instal the 64 bit one .
  19. TrueSharp

    [Dreamscape] Arcade Fighter

    @cyber321 yes @Lord seems like the bot doesn't get out of the arcade , it gets attacked while trying to press on the yes/no then goes afk. suggestion : Option that let us set up the tiles where to start the bot.
  20. TrueSharp

    Dreamscape needs update

    it's working fine ..
  21. TrueSharp

    Parabot wont load dreamscape

    Yep me too NVM . i fixed this by downloading the 64 bit version of JAVA .