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  1. would love to see this again
  2. @Jimt @justcuz those store prices are extremely deceptive, there is no way I'd ever rely on them for price checking. The value of your items/account are calculable, just use the exchange rates of "sold donations" as well as the current market values of your items to accurately appraise your accounts worth.
  3. Game updated last night, I'd like to help with hooking if you plan to do it again
  4. @EmmaStone DreamScape updated again 😕
  5. @EmmaStone Bug occurred 3 times in a row while interacting with a null checked sceneobject a few hundred times. Code used: Occurrence 1: Occurrence 2:
  6. I just finished writing my combat script and it has been running smooth for 30 min straight. [edit] yea there's a problem with interactions, one of the devs has to make an update.
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