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  1. premor95


    join the parabot slack to get more infomation about ikov updates
  2. what script are u mainly looking for spk?? might be able to help got few scripts for spk add my discord if u wanna discuss this more discord: user2#1618
  3. premor95


    the client must be updated i would recommend joining the parabot slack and just ask there to see if its possible to get it updated https://app.slack.com/client/T0A4BMVJ8/C0A4C1G58
  4. premor95

    ikov stuck on 100%

    parabot doesnt support ikov atm its being fixed
  5. u need vip+ mate to access ikov i would really recommend getting that vip since its 7$ and u can make ur $$ back in a day by botting
  6. premor95


    i also support this roat pkz is a good server and stable
  7. great work scriptsss keep it up
  8. first of all u need vip+ to run ikov second u should join the parabot slack and ask for script writers to do so parabot slack: https://parabot.slack.com/messages/CJ1JA1JJW/
  9. premor95

    Ikov not loading

    ikov is in updated currently it will be up in few hours(today night) for more information u should join the slack parabot https://parabot.slack.com/messages/CJ1JA1JJW/details/ to keep updated
  10. well even if u get banned never bot on ur main u can easily make 100m/h by botting on each account 7$ its around 700m:D soo even if u bot 1 hour a day and trade ur gps to ur main u will make 30$ monthly which is 23$ profit i would really recommend that service they got good scripters and good staff members **Note** ive made 500$ in using ikov vip thing
  11. premor95

    ikov stuck

    @robisbotting the client needs an update be paitence i would recommend entering the parabot slack to get updated aswell once its updated u need to delete ur cache and ur free to enter after that the parabot slack is: https://parabot.slack.com/messages/CJ1JA1JJW/convo/GJL0J75K6-1558856967.026500/
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