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  1. I will change right now and update you after im done. <accessor>Deque</accessor> <field>b</field> <methodname>getCurrent</methodname> <desc>%sNode</desc> <descfield>LV;</descfield> And for this? Do i need to remove the ";" after "LV"? <accessor>Deque</accessor> <field>b</field> <methodname>getCurrent</methodname> <desc>%sNode</desc> <descfield>LV;</descfield> And for this? Do i need to remove the ";" after "LV"? After i removed the ";" after only "I" in all cases, same error. I left ";" in place after a class. Same errors
  2. Client "https://pkownage.co.uk/downloads/PkOwnage.jar", Hooks "https://pastebin.com/raw/6nkAGNRA"
  3. This is after the -verbose I do not see where its telling me that the getter is wrong? All i see is the errors at parabot.org.XXXXXXXXX
  4. I have double checked everything here and all Getters seem fine? The null is pointing to something at parabot.org it seems like? Anyone help on this?
  5. Have not gotten this to work just yet. Havent been able to figure out the Getter.
  6. After -verbose same error And i appreciate you replying so quickly on this. I would love to be able to make a valuable tutorial based off of my mistakes.
  7. How do i do that?
  8. I did what you said and got a different error. See below! .json has been updated with the pastebin url for the hooks text. It can be found here - https://pastebin.com/raw/kG4Przgt
  9. So, i followed this tutorial https://parabot.atlassian.net/wiki/spaces/TUTORIALS/pages/2981896/How+to+hook+a+server and was able to figure out how to create a hooks file for the server i want to "hook". I verified all hooks are correct. When i open ParaBot and select my server from the menu, it downloads the client, and then attempts to inject the hooks then i get this error. No idea what im doing wrong! Anyone that can help me as to why its not accepting the Hooks?? My server.json file: { "name": "Test Server", "author": "Pilot", "version": 1.0, "client-class": "client", "locations":{ "provider": "http://bdn.parabot.org/api/v2/bot/download/317-api-minified", "server": "https://pkownage.co.uk/downloads/PkOwnage.jar", "hooks": "https://mega.nz/#!TINDFACa" } } You may download my hooks file and look over it as well. Link above is valid!! Thanks for anyone that can assist!
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