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  1. Will test this script once I am home.
  2. it's the bot, not the script. Facts.
  3. Thanks, should make one for floor 2 & 3 if able. Would be great! Will check this script once i'm home to see if another account would be banned or not.
  4. I don't think it is the stalls either, I was watching my account the entire time and had no random question missed nor seen a staff member around. It was just automatically DC'd and I use macros for theive stalls in dzone and there with the same clicks and go afk's for hours. I'm sure it's not a coincidence. But it could be.
  5. yes i sell ikov gp discord me Trenx@9616
  6. I got banned on iKov within 20 minutes of using the script. While watching, so I'm guessing it was from using an alternate client to access the server, I changed my mac + I.P address, changed cache and cookies. and was able to access ikov again. Need to fix the issue admins cause half of us are donating to bot iKov and we're getting banned for using a client.
  7. Please add me on discord. I got banned for using the bot, they can easily detect you're not using the client somehow
  8. I am actually looking for a script for iKov donor theiving stalls. You don't sell items, it's just str8 cash to the pouch. Will pay for this. I also would like to see a vote bot that would work with google chrome voting system, can tell you how to make it pretty much autopilot without the captcha on Google Chrome if needed. Will pay good for this. Discord? Trenx#9616
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