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  1. "This server currently has outdated hooks, please report it to parabot staff." Is what it says for me when I try to load Ikov.
  2. updated client coming soon?
  3. Why is it going to become free? I see the price barrier as a means of not flooding the game with bots and giving the mods less reason to go all out.
  4. could we get an update the responds to pms or autologs? @scripps
  5. how do staff identify who is botting by just looking?
  6. Just got banned on fresh account doing agility. Was botting for 1.5 hours, took a break halfway through, and was typing to others doing agility the whole time. Also, when I try to create new account under different IP (windscribe), it says BAD_IP_ADDRESS
  7. any bans reported using this?
  8. How do you recommend we bot most safely? As in, which VPN should I use? Just turn it on? Also, how do you clear cache? About to buy VIP just want to know these things beforehand
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