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    Hello J

    Would just like to say hello to everyone here, including anyone from Setihome and Calm Chaos if theyre about that is. All the best from MacGirl. If you liked this article and you would like to receive extra info relating to What do you do with the elder scroll after defeating alduin kindly stop by our own web site
  2. Hey everyone im back i waiting Elundra version2 coming soon i heard i hope to see many old people and some pker type Griever , Slacker and many others /Goan-Malefic Soma dedicated Player
  3. Voor problemen kan je terecht op het tech-forum. Mensen van Egosoft kunnen je daar helpen, daar moet je wel voor registreren. Wat ik zo kan verzinnen is installeer directx opnieuw en die Codecs.
  4. Ik moet even kijken van welk merk ze zijn, maar ik kan me wel herinneren dat ik ze ergens in Brabant bij een groothandel heb laten aanmeten.
  5. Nice ...Dreamscape 1 tickets must be rare,as the authorities counted them all at the actual rave and I think they took them with them,does anyone know more ?
  6. Hi After getting a great sound that you want to store be careful at the Create name stage - if you touch the rotary knobs below main display then Solaris locks up and you have to power cycle the synth and lose your patch.....
  7. Looks like fun. So the questions begin about the build and why this or that. Most important is that it works so congratulations If you were to do it again what would you do different?
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