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  1. never, i've been waiting for like 3 weeks + and no reply
  2. Goodluck on a reply :P Might be worth looking on an active forums that is botting/java related
  3. Nah the forums have fully died and no one is replying. I think they've started doing other projects. sadly parabot is over I think
  4. I've been using parabot on dreamscape for a few weeks now, I was making my own custom scripts using the script maker which worked perfectly :D. I just don't know how to add the new updated client 😞
  5. Rip bone, he's going to get a nice bone in prison
  6. Can anyone update it? as I have no clue how to connect hooks..
  7. Well I have been making my own scripts with the custom built in script.. if that even makes sense. I just don't know how to get other servers onto a client where you can edit the script.. probably sounds really stupid
  8. Clients take screenshots of when you get drops, so it might be something to do with that
  9. It seems like Parabot had just given up updating anything, is there a reason ? private servers dying out ?
  10. ah that's awesome of you, hopefully the admins do get back to you :)
  11. The client has updated so now parabot is running outdated client which isn't working, how do i move the new updated java file so it can keep working?
  12. Amazing, you could even implement it to just press the altar and click on the boss name. As when doing it that way there's no anti bot in place. Also when it teleports in it just stands there waiting for boss to attack so most of the time you miss the raid . I could get you the boss ID's but you probably have those already
  13. I'd also be interested in a bot for SPK actually.. good active server. even a basic script factory
  14. I have tried this but it doesn't seem to work
  15. Sadly dreamscape put in a math equation anti ban you have to type before the bot can ::joinraid and it comes every 20 raids. I think if you chance it to teleport using the altar the anti ban doesn't come on ( It's only for text) If anyone could do this it would work perfectly
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