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  1. wow... I dont think Id be able to goto another country for a month and leave my bird behind. then again.. I wouldnt want him to get bird flu either.
  2. Oh geez. Ive only had one meal there. The food was very good, but not amazing, and the service was neither. Im not opposed to it being an FNA but not in full support. Probably deserving but I had a just OK experience there.
  3. How to : Oscam check script As more and more peeps are required to take the plunge with oscam here is a simple script which will check to see if oscam is running. If oscam has stopped running it will restart it automatically. Code: Code:
  4. Am on my second training battle. I can traverse the turret, but not the main tank. I can only go forward. Not left or right. Ive used F1 and think Im using the right keys. Is there a link in the forums for Driving For Big Dummies? Scrub that, sussed it.
  5. Hai. c: So, Im new to this forum and really need a signature. Uh, Im not sure what the fill out form for the signature requests are...so... Signature Size: As big as possible. Signature graphics: Well, I do want the background to be brown, and in the center, a picture of Rigby? Text: In the bottom left corner, Id like it to say "Rigby" in small, white font please. Thanks
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