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  1. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SI3aiCkH55w I forgot I had this xD, anyways Enjoy bot history!
  2. Zero


    Thanks mate :)
  3. Zero


    Yes, however keep it simple, going to try to learn API, from what i've see, it has changed quite a lot lel This sarcasm lel
  4. Zero


    Good to know that you know :P
  5. Zero


    Hello! I am Zero :) I used to be a scripter here and mostly active in the beginning of parabot, Now it's summer and I am bored the shit out of my skull, I'll prbably will script again :)
  6. omg, Demmonic, Hawaii is to fucking small, it's just an island., New york is a city -.- Decade is 10 Years, Century is 100 years.
  7. it's a large landmass.
  8. making your own bot is not maybe a great start, Actully Scripting for bot Clients comes Naturally for me, really easy, i do have a advanced knowledge of java, and what i think he means by Common sense is: Find a Script named Example: 1Willows and change it to myWillowsScript & get Easel paint and done
  9. Look at that shake Dang
  10. All that for Private server? :S Well best Qualities for everything in Parabot
  11. Yey i guess this is my 1 Year Anniversay Being here
  12. Zero

    I am Back Biatch!

    y didnt say Wuut :S
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