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  1. Hey how do i get to hill giants for the bot i cant seem to find how to get there

    1. Jimt


      go to brimhaven dungeon 

  2. just wait.. Dreamscape is being updated.. now we wait till parabot have pushed the update
  3. I have the same problem as well. Dont know a fix as well for it
  4. do i need to have something in my invertory ?
  5. Punky

    pkhonor client

    I have the same problem. They need to update the client
  6. Punky

    what servers work atm

    if someone can tell me where to find it ? Then i do it myself
  7. Punky

    what servers work atm

    they took almost 1 week to update DS.. and still not working.. Site is #dead tho
  8. Looking to buy some as well... Looking for 1-2q if the price is right =) Send me pm..
  9. no not a normal tree spot. and only magic logs
  10. #1 Cut tree #2 ::empty command #3 loots bird nests and do ::bank to store them So after you did it correctly. you must only have birdds nest in bank and no logs =D
  11. Looking for someone who can make a private script for me =D Pm me here
  12. Punky

    Imagine RSPS

    What about a imagine RSPS bot ?
  13. oh wauw !! nice job man !! keep up the good work =)
  14. I can put colors in Jibit =O if you put your "macro script" on 30 mins =) Then you can watch this episode on youtube, its all about making a good working woodcutting script on JiBit. I hope you have something about this information //Punky
  15. Punky

    [ELKOY] thieving

    If i know where to start learning making sxript.. i will make some
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