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  1. Beware, this user is a scammer.

  2. Buying up to 250M 07! Current Buying Rate: 0.74$/M Add me on Discord: J6rr#0200 Payment methods: UK Bank Transfer Paypal BTC/LTC/ETH SEPA
  3. J6rr

    Sup peeps

    Oldschooler around here stopping by.
  4. Stumbled across this site and remembered that I had an account on here. Some may remember me from a while ago. Sweet that the site is still up and running. Intrested in botting SS so I'll try to stick around. Anyways, how's it been guys?
  5. J6rr

    Rs07 Macro

    Would love to have this. Hit me up if you're willing to share .
  6. They will not make an bot for RS07 cause of legal issues. This has been confirmed by multible Parabot admins.
  7. Dissapointed that the world end didn't come .
  8. J6rr


    As I just came from an religious meeting, I wanted to discuss it with you, fellow parabotters. What are your thoughts on religion? Are you religious, if so then who do you believe in? I consider my self as agnostic. I do believe in God, but I most definitely do not believe in some stories said in the Bible. Also instead of a soul going to hell or heaven as it says in the Bible, I think that after one dies (s)he will reborn in another body(kinda like Hinduism). Discuss.
  9. Apathetic from BugAbuse? Anyways thank you for letting us know. Will change the PW right now.
  10. Did you take picture of your scratched monitor .
  11. Will give it a attempt. I'm not even nearly as good as Jesse aka Jigsaw, but I'll see what I can do .
  12. J6rr

    Heyy Everyone!

    Do you seriously have to reply that on every introduction thread, even the ones that are over a month old?
  13. J6rr


    Pretty sure I've seen it on /b/. Atleast it looks quite familiar. Still, quite funny.
  14. J6rr

    Hey, I'm Back

    I do understand your point, although still, people shouldn't be judged by their PC in the forums. I would love to see an plugin which allows you to make posts only if it contains __ or more letters. Also you shouldn't get and PC in this section would be an lovely thing to add. I'm done trashing this tread, if you want to continue this conversation, you're more than welcome to drop me a PM.
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