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  1. lost 3 accounts so far theres a mod pming my accs and if i dont answer they come in with banhammer
  2. is this monthly pay or one time purchase?
  3. drop trading probably doesnt help either a big server most lilkely will have drop and pickup logs = /
  4. nitroxx

    New Client?

    jeah it was the fighting script apperantly it is bugged for some reason
  5. nitroxx

    New Client?

    is there something wrong with the bdn ? cant seem to add scripts they wont show up
  6. fixed it you can close / delete this :)
  7. wow +1 ur the best help on this site
  8. tried everything is it maybe cuz i dont got a credit card or visa ?
  9. i was about to buy the zulrah script but it wont let me pay i get this message Payment System Error!Your payment could not be processed (you have not been charged), because the payment got rejected by the user of the system
  10. im running 9bots + 1 normal client osrs client and skype + youtube on 12G of ram 2.4 ghz
  11. I dont know i am botting on 15 accounts at the same time i do get some banns overnight maybe 1 - 2 but nothing mayor running bots 24/7
  12. hey guys its just to tell that all the thievers at home might be outdated there are some new questions the only one i maganged to see the bots arent anwsering is what color is the sky answer : blue
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