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  1. So is this something I can fix? Or something that will have to be fixed on the client?
  2. Is Runique down again? I can't get it to work. I have deleted cache's and everything. Please help :)
  3. i don't know if this will help, but when I click where the bar should be it kind of glitches and shows the "run, stop, pause" options, but will not let me click them.
  4. the whole bar that has "File, Scripts...etc." isn't showing up at all.
  5. I'm also confused on how to run scripts on Runique...
  6. baileyr12


    Could we add Dreamscape to the servers?
  7. I am really stuggling to keep up in my computer science class, and i am going to tutoring today. But these are the couple questions on my homework i cant figure out... 1. State whether the following statements are true or false: 2. Using Java's built-in sorting routines, write a line of code that will sort the array below. 3. Using Java's built-in sorting routines, write one line of code that will sort the ArrayList of strings below. 4. The following code segments have errors. Rewrite the code in each example to fix the error. ArrayList<> vals = new ArrayList<Integers>();ArrayList(Double) vals = new<> ArrayList ()5. Rewrite the following code using the enhanced for loop construct. Assume that list is of type ArrayList<Double>.
  8. Quick prayers don't work right....
  9. This script just doesn't work as smoothly as I had hoped it would. Quick prayers are broken(Keeps turning prayers on and off), and it won't travel to dragons well(due to if they aren't on screen/minimap, it won't move towards where the dragons spawn.
  10. I took this picture of the golf course in the Bahamas :p
  11. Just slap whoever posts above you with anything you like: ex. ___________ just got slapped with a _________.
  12. baileyr12

    CTRL+V Game

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