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  1. Yeah I agree bro, definitley needs to be looked into.
  2. i Trained 3 accounts didn't make a difference. Parabot is broken atm for IKOV. Not worth botting at all.
  3. Thieving dzone thieving dzone
  4. Getting banned within 15 minutes trying to bot on accounts, doesn't matter what I am botting.
  5. goldrush


    I'm a total noob when it comes to this stuff, I was told to put a parabot.cmb in the scripts>compiled folder and run that but the black box pops up and dissapears without starting parabot. In need of help still, thanks.
  6. goldrush


    Hey guys I have a .class script that I added to scripts>compiled in the parabot folder but it's not showing up in the scripts when I load up parabot. Can someone please help me? Thank you.
  7. goldrush

    New Client?

    ETA until it's ready?
  8. Can't wait to try it out! Thank you
  9. So is it easy to detect your botting, even if just botting the stalls at dzone? How can theye tell? Very curious since i play legit but want an alt to farm for me.
  10. Are they IP banning or just account Banning? thanks!
  11. Are they IP banning or just account Banning? thanks!
  12. goldrush

    Can't load Crandor?

    Hi guys im getting stuck at Downloading: META-INF/maven/net.crandor/client/pom.properties just stays at 100%. Can someone please help me with a fix for this, its pretty annoying.
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