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Found 10 results

  1. Buying up to 250M 07! Current Buying Rate: 0.74$/M Add me on Discord: J6rr#0200 Payment methods: UK Bank Transfer Paypal BTC/LTC/ETH SEPA
  2. Hey I am looking to buy Pkhonor gold for 07 we can discuss rates there Skype: live:backgroundman12 Terms: -You must not be a server staff member! -I only buy via 07 -rates discussed on skype
  3. Show me your Oldschool stats! Just my Zerker I'm working on http://prntscr.com/bnxkc7 current goal: 94 mage bank: http://prntscr.com/bnxl5n combat level : http://prntscr.com/bnxle7
  4. I am currently selling Dreamscape gold. Payment Options PayPalRunescape 2007 Gold (osrs)Ikov GoldPkhonor Gold RATES $1 PayPal - 5trillion Dreamscape1m osrs gp - 8trillion Dreamscape1b Ikov gp - 8 trillion Dreamscape1b Pkhonor - 2 trillion Dreamscape STOCK 500T Contact Me Skype - live:swiftgold If you have any questions concerning whether I am legit or not. I have vouches via Sythe and also used to have a good amount of vouches on Parabot before the website was revamped. Only contact me if you are a serious buyer with intentions on making an offer. I am willing to negotiate prices. If Needed We Will Be Using A Trusted Parabot Middleman Of My Choice.
  5. I realize 1.6m isn't a lot. Will trade it in increments for Near Reality tokens. Dpins are 7m 07gp and sell for 12-14k Tokens, so I'd say 1.6m is roughly 2.5k tokens. I'd also be willing to accept items. PM me on the forums.
  6. Price: 07: 1.25$ - 1 mil DM: 6.00$ - 1 mil Stock: 07: 170m Dm: out of stock. Payment: BTC Skype: real.sysm Most Vouched gold shop on Parabot!
  7. I am selling two types of money making one makes you 600k/h and the other one makes you between 2-7k for each item and im not sure of the buying limit. PM ME. (both of ones if u bot it 24h/day you can make up to 8m per account,no requirements needed just good cash stack).
  8. Swapping 07 mills for ikov rate: 1m - 1b pm me ur skype if interested.
  9. Selling dreamscape gp pm me for price 12t stock.
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