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Found 8 results

  1. BEST DREAMSCAPE ACCOUNT FOR SALE!! I'm selling my dreamscape account which has over 500 million DS coins in the pouch, and even more in the bank. All of my skills are maxed out over level 99. Some of the things I have are: OWNER CAPE (1 hits almost any NPC, worth $400) Dream Mage Armor Set ( best armor in the game, worth $300), Soulflare X (worth $100) Multiple soulflares (worth $50 each), Soulflare (U) (worth $75), Eternal Khiones Staff (worth around $120), Ak47 Asimov (worth $125), Full Crystal Armor (worth $300) Full Devious Armor (worth $300), Diablo Pet (worth $100), Avery Rings (worth around $50), Rings of wealth (i) (worth $35), Amulet of Blood (worth $40) Slimer Pet ( Now discontinued and worth $100), Knuckles Pet (worth around $20), Pheonix Pet (worth around $20), Turkey Pet (Now discontinued and worth around $500), Full Emperor Armor (worth $100), all skilling pets, 3rd prestige, full blizzard virtus (worth around $100), third eye aura (nontradable Double EX boost), donator tickets, hulk ring (worth $100), dynamic boxes (worth $5 each, i have around 100 of them), collectors necklaces (worth $30), infernal armor (worth $100) and tons of other expensive, discontinued, and rare items in the bank totaling to over 900 million DS coins in value. I'm strongly willing to negotiate price. I'll accept paypal, venmo, and cash app payments. Please message me for more account details and payment methods. Thank you! Not yet Sold. Updated 9/13/19
  2. Has everything unlocked, void, fire cape, dragon defender Comes with 1b bank and has 48/54 of the tasks to completionist cape done. $10 donator account. http://prntscr.com/g7w2g2 http://prntscr.com/g7wgc5 http://prntscr.com/g7w97e http://prntscr.com/g7w81o http://prntscr.com/g7w8k4 + many other stuff PM me offers or add me on skype live:nthny95 Have a nice day
  3. hey there every1 im currently selling a steam account with the game "rust" paid 20£ for payment: osrs gold Term of service <-- tos - The buyer will always go first, unless Parabot Staffmember - I have all rights to decline any transactions with you if I find you suspicious (attempting to scam me) - Vouch for me after a transaction has been completed - enjoy the game CONTACT ME VIA PM!!!
  4. Selling as stated above in the titel a pkhonor death account. All 99's, got death unlocked, has a demon throne in house (Made by combining 2 magic stones, ea mstone going for 200b+ these days) Looking to get offers, the account doesn't have to sell. Need anymore info dont be afraid to pm me. Only accepting paypal offers. Cirrocumulus
  5. Please read for full account information! Yea. I did lower price from $75 to $50 :) (I wont go lower because Iam never in a hurry ) Hey guys. Iam selling all my runescape accounts. Recently sold another account and one RS3 account. Now it's time to sell this bossing / pking account. I used it mainly for pking but I also have used it for KBD killing. I have completed alot of quests. I will create and link a quest list. ( It's a list of all my quests in one album. The account has never been banned or warned at all. It's not muted or has never been. Took me a long while to train these stats, but since I don't play I just want to get it sold.But as always Iam not in a hurry. Noticable quests: Animal mag Anyways here is the quest list. : http://imgur.com/a/dBe0L Here is it's stats and combat level incase you missed them : http://imgur.com/a/dwuMn There is no current bank pin. Questions? PM ME :)
  6. Hey, I use Parabot for Ikov, but my accounts get disabled within 40 minutes. I usually use thieving bots at the Edgeville stalls (minimal, sc, Xero), but when I check my pc, all my accounts are disabled. Am I forgetting something? Or do you guys have any tips to make my bot more 'hidden'? Thanks in advance, Simon
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