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Found 5 results

  1. Hey guys I'm selling OS-Scape Bloodmoney, I will keep this thread updated with my current stock feel free to hit me up for current rates. :) Stock: 200k Click the button in my signature to add my Skype ;)
  2. I am providing services for PKHonor such as the following: Wise Old Man Achievements - (All 38.) Quests - (Must have requirements before-hand.) 2B XP Services - (MUST BE PREMIUM OR DONATOR.) Obtaining Supplies - (10k Rune ore, 10k Mahogany planks, etc.) I have not decided on my prices for sure but, I will be willing to work with whomever I may be dealing with. Payments are up front always. I accept Paypal or PKHonor Gold.
  3. selling donor account worth (20$) in game x2 pm me.
  4. Prices: Based off books going for $6.5million on ikov the below are reflected on the overall codes you get. Sales worth under 10bill will cost you $2 per billion Sales above 10bill is $1.50 per billion. Stock: As many as you need. You can also pre-order max of 10k codes (takes 1 - 3days) You must go first or we can use a trusted middleman. I only accept Bitcoin so don't bother asking for paypal. Also before the sale to ensure the codes are valid I use 1 code for every 20 i have to ensure that batch is still working as expected. If you're interested private message me you're skype. If you're not willing to go first or use a middleman at your expense then don't bother messaging me. You must also agree to the bitcoin payment method. Current Stock: Above 1,000 Buy Bitcoins @ https://localbitcoins.com/ If you need help I can point you to sellers I've used and they will help you with the process. Vouches:
  5. Hello, i am selling PKHonor gp as seen in title. Selling rates $0.7-$.9/b! Runescape 3: Contact me for prices Runescape 07: Contact me for prices Buying rates Paypal: Not buying atm Runescape 07: Not buying atm I COVER FEES FOR ALL PURCHASES OVER 25B If you are interested in buying, pm me here on parabot, post your skype below or add my skype "bunnysales" Note: I will not be going first, we can do increments of your choise or get a MM. Current stock: 100b+
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