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Found 7 results

  1. Lord

    LordKilling Pro

    LordKilling Pro This script supports all servers, the idea of the script is that you can use it on any server and still have it working without having to change a single thing! If you have any suggestion then please let me know I will look to adding this for you. Have something server specific, no problem let me know and I will add it to the Tabbed GUI for ease of use! FIX Log: 1. Fixed error with banking Dreamscape. DreamScape Features: Banks restores and refills when out Uses restores when pray points hit < 30 Will bank loot if you have access to the command ::bank (select bank option) Can toggle soulsplit Bot Features: Attack multiple NPC's Loot anything you like Eats food based on a value you give it How to use: First, make sure ALL fields are complete if you are not using then food then please still fill with a number I use "10". If you would like to loot and kill more than one NPC then please write them out as shown "11337,11338" With no spaces and a single , separating them. How to find loot, go to http://pasted.co/577f9978 use ctrl + F to find the item you want. The ID is the one that says i == 1337 (1337 is the id you use in the GUI) Screenshots <- Main GUI Dreamscape Customs Video https://vid.me/eip0 Updated and working as of 23/03/2019 11:57.21
  2. Lord


    Lord Killing Hey everyone, This is a very simple script it will kill any NPC. (will make this thread pretty at a later date) Features: Eating (Just add Food ID) Custom NPC (Add the NPC ID) Changeable Eating HP Set UP: Eating: Use Parabot debug tool, Go to debug -> Inventory, This will show the inventory id's simply add the number you see over the Food Item. NPC: Using the same debug tool click debug -> NPC, Now in the CMD you will see a list of the npcs you have around you. HP: YOU MUST CHANGE TO 10X HP once you changed your setting to show HP in the hundreds then you may type a number 700 as an example. This script will not bank and replace food so please be aware of this! I would like to give a massive thank you to @TheySeeMe for all of his help. Without him this script would not be a think he helped with endless testing and made the paint! (If its ugly complain to him ;)) But really thank you for all your kind work sir <3
  3. I was curious if any of the scripters of the staff could possibly develop more scripts for Dreamscape. Some skills like herblore, summoning, and slayer might be hard to do, but if someone could make some simple scripts for cooking, crafting, smithing, and agility, that would be extremely helpful and greatly appreciated. What other script ideas would you like to see? Type them below 😄
  4. Looking for someone to create a very specific combat script for Dreamscape, or build off my already created combat script. Requirements will be sent via PM. Paying in VIVO, MGT, USD(paypal), RS3, or in-game cash/items.
  5. Hi Parabot! After finding out that Parabot is up and running i started myself a new project. My goal is to eventually create an AIO combat trainer that will eventually end up doing GWD and other bosses. The script can be used currently to train at the rock crabs. Make sure you have your (non expensive) training gear on and plenty of lobsters in your inventory. Eventually i will update everything to make it highly customisable. Most changes and such will be mentioned through GitHub. Once i prove the script worthy i'll update this thread and/or start a new one in the scripts section. The main reason i created this is so others can look and hopefully learn from an open source combat script. Please note that i have never coded for Parabot before, nor have a looked into a lot of scripts. There likely will be more and other commonly used methods for Parabot that i don't use. The reason i choice to write my script like this is because i'm used to writing scripts this way. The update progress won't go that fast. This is due to me having my finals in 1.5 months or so. Yet i still hope to get large progress reports up on GitHub as soon as possible. Link to the script: https://github.com/Werkverkeer/BDKCombat It's currently configured so it kills rock crabs at relleka. All you need to do is equip it with your melee armor. Oh and make sure you have lobsters in your bank. Armor, locations, weapons, combat style and npcs. All of those will be customizeable in the future. Currently there is no staff detection system build in. Safety checks however are planned. My goal is to create a bot that will run unnoticed for days, non-stop. I have done this before on the official RS, quite a lot actually. Doing it on a private server should be MUCH easier. Please report any bugs, crashes, idea's and feedback in this thread. *Once in combat and out of food, the character will try to teleport away. Yet this wont happen until the npc is killed and the player is out of combat. This will be the first bug that i'm going to fix.
  6. Not sure how many of these are still working but if anyone wants to fix/use these then go ahead. If you are going to release these then they CANNOT be paid and must always stay FREE. https://github.com/Minecraftftw1/Scripts/tree/master
  7. This script was meant to be a goldfarm script, but it turned out the results were way lower than expected. Start at the aviansies with at least one free space in your inventory and the rest should be prayer flasks. Also make sure the prayer to protect against ranging is enabled and that auto retaliate is disabled. Script automatically picks up the adamant bars and also refills your prayer. It detects if an other npc is already in attack and will skip it. Script is minimal and is only meant to attack the npcs. Does not support a lot and probably won't be updated either. Thanks to Empathy for gathering the item IDs and thanks to Botterino for the shit idea. Get it here. Sincerely, JKetelaar
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