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Found 50 results

  1. Add me on discord gutti#1868. I will pay with paypal
  2. BEST DREAMSCAPE ACCOUNT FOR SALE!! I'm selling my dreamscape account which has over 500 million DS coins in the pouch, and even more in the bank. All of my skills are maxed out over level 99. Some of the things I have are: OWNER CAPE (1 hits almost any NPC, worth $400) Dream Mage Armor Set ( best armor in the game, worth $300), Soulflare X (worth $100) Multiple soulflares (worth $50 each), Soulflare (U) (worth $75), Eternal Khiones Staff (worth around $120), Ak47 Asimov (worth $125), Full Crystal Armor (worth $300) Full Devious Armor (worth $300), Diablo Pet (worth $100), Avery Rings (worth around $50), Rings of wealth (i) (worth $35), Amulet of Blood (worth $40) Slimer Pet ( Now discontinued and worth $100), Knuckles Pet (worth around $20), Pheonix Pet (worth around $20), Turkey Pet (Now discontinued and worth around $500), Full Emperor Armor (worth $100), all skilling pets, 3rd prestige, full blizzard virtus (worth around $100), third eye aura (nontradable Double EX boost), donator tickets, hulk ring (worth $100), dynamic boxes (worth $5 each, i have around 100 of them), collectors necklaces (worth $30), infernal armor (worth $100) and tons of other expensive, discontinued, and rare items in the bank totaling to over 900 million DS coins in value. I'm strongly willing to negotiate price. I'll accept paypal, venmo, and cash app payments. Please message me for more account details and payment methods. Thank you! Not yet Sold. Updated 9/13/19
  3. Trading gold. These are my rates. Dreamscape - Runescape 1 Quadrillion for 20 million gp RS3 1 Quadrillion for 5 million gp OSRS PM if interested
  4. 50B+ in stock, Pm me with your rates and skype if interested.
  5. Buying up to 250M 07! Current Buying Rate: 0.74$/M Add me on Discord: J6rr#0200 Payment methods: UK Bank Transfer Paypal BTC/LTC/ETH SEPA
  6. buying pkhonor gold, pm me on here we can setup on discord or skype. would prefer a mm since im brand new unless its someone trusted, i will pay the mm fees as well
  7. Im looking to buy 100b in pkh gold pm me or just reply if you got that much for sale
  8. I am currently selling legit Dreamscape gp for IRL cash, Im selling for $1 = 80t+(prefer Bitcoin/Etherneum ETC pmt for +++) or OSRS gold. NO PAYPAL (for pmts over $10) If you're looking to get rich please send me a PM or post. I am well trusted and do not scam (we can go over different methods to improve saftey [small transactions for trust/ incrementing]), I also offer help and provide in game advice. Depending on how much you want to buy the deals are better (after $100 each $1 is 115t++) <-- pm me for special rates I can go huge as I have a big stock! Thank you :) Also if you're looking for quality gear i'm very fair and variable with that in terms of price! Much in stock; PREFER payment in Bitcoin/Crypto and giving a NICE % Bonus of overall tickets as well!!! Revised 02/15/2018
  9. Was wondering, what's PKH GP Worth? or even a maxed account? (In osrs or rs3 gp please.)
  10. pecobill

    Buying PKH tix

    Hello everyone, I'm currently looking for pkh gold, i was recently scammed and not looking for that again.... richatk85 was the scammers skype. dovasla is his parabot name. Hopefully somsone can pm me his ip address so I can have him banned from pkh? I would like to buy 80-160b 0.5-0.7/B USD. Currently only have paypal, don't have OSRS gold, or account. Skype: [email protected] MM price will be split between us both. MM Required.
  11. Hey I am looking to buy Pkhonor gold for 07 we can discuss rates there Skype: live:backgroundman12 Terms: -You must not be a server staff member! -I only buy via 07 -rates discussed on skype
  12. Too lazy to raise money yourself? Desperate need for money and progress? Buy gold cheap! Make your progress! become happy! price 300k/b also buying gold 200k/b stock: 0b<och stock: 20m<osrs Term - The buyer will always go first, unless Parabot Staffmember - I have all rights to decline any transactions with you if I find you suspicious (PkHonor staffmember) - Vouch for me after a transaction has been completed - have fun with the gold CONTACT ME TROUGH PM!
  13. Selling pkhonor gold Got enough stock ( a lot) for a lot of requests, I will not go first. if you do not wish to go first you will have to get an official middleman from Parabot at the buyer's costs. Leave a message or pm me if interested. Rates vary from 0,20$ to 0,30$ depending on how much you buy. Paypal only. EDIT: currently out of stock, will update the thread when I have more stock
  14. Hi I am selling a dreamscape account with over 2Q.. Willing to sell dreamscape gold also, just hmu paypal ready please. Looking to get rid or it'll rot away
  15. HEY EVERY ONE!!!! i have allot of Pkhonor money i can make from 1b-1t on requests just pm me how much money you need and il respond middle men can be requested any time have: any amount pkh gold depending on how long i work - request an amount to buy and i will get it on 1 hour - 1 week / or 10 minutes depends on what i have in stock payments: rs3/osrs gold - swish if youre swedish
  16. Buying 50b pkhonor gold pm me on forums
  17. MyNamesRob


    lowest i'll go is 1:7, 100b for 14.3m pm for skype, would prefer to use a middleman but if you are trusted i'll go first without a mm
  18. Hey there! I'm selling yet again pkhonor gold, doesn't matter how much you need because chances are that I have the exact amount that you need! If you want to buy some gold, don't be afraid to pm me. Middleman shall be used. Paypal is the only buying option possible.
  19. Id like to buy all pkhonor gold buying total = 750b price = 0.6/bil pp i will also buy items of value such as customs and torva etc but for a lower rate. I am also looking for two death accounts private message me your skype and ill contact you.
  20. Hi there I'm currently selling PKH gold with a fixed stock. so gone = gone. Current stock: 377b Rate: Prices can be negotiated upon Buying in Bulk will reduce prices Also Middelman will be used. If you wish to buy pm me your skype! EDIT: New stock
  21. Hi there I know this isn't the right forum place however I can't seem to be able to post in the gold section of the blackmarket thus me having to place it here is my solution, if someone could move the topic to gold> selling that would be very nice of them. Further on, i'm selling PKH gold, I currently have a stock of 600b ish. Rates are negotiable and as i've read the rules a middleman is required due to this being a fresh account with no feedback. ( wouldn't want it any other way anyway). Also, once I run out of my stock there will be no more. Last thing; paypal is the only payment method I accept. Cirro
  22. yoloqc

    PkH gold website

    http://gamerqc57.wix.com/pkhgold the website Skype vroumgeton contacte me...
  23. Currently buying all Dreamscape gold Looking for around $1/4-6T Paypal THIS CAN BE DICUSSED
  24. WILL NEVER ADD YOU! THIS IS TO PREVENT IMPOSTERS! Add me on Skype, or shoot me a PM to discuss pricing. My Skype button can be found at the bottom of this post. Current stock [96K Tokens] Payment methods: • OSRS GP • PayPal (Trusted users only) ~Terms Of Service~ When trading with me you agree to the following: • You will not chargeback • You are no staff of Near Reality • All transactions can be recorded • I can request additional verifications for PayPal transactions. • I can decline a trade at any time. A full refund will be given if I do. ~Skype~
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