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Found 74 results

  1. Hello Everyone, We at Parabot are proud to announce that after continued hard work, we are the first to bring our VIP+ members a beta release for Ikov! They have an extremely intensive banning system, so please make sure you are using VPNs and avoid botting on your main-accounts. What's next? If you would like to support us and bot on Ikov, please purchase VIP or greater ranks at our store; https://www.parabot.org/store. We will continue to work on improving the stability of Ikov, while this is a time-consuming matter, we ask that bans and crashes are reported with all the information you have (location, stack traces, what were you doing, etc). We will also continue to publish more and more scripts. Please suggest all kind of scripts to our script-writers, so they can be the best of their support to you. Thanks for you continued support! If you would like to join in with the conversation feel free to join our slack channel to get the latest Sincerely, The Parabot team
  2. IDung This is currently in beta Script now works flawlessly. Completes floor one and two for dung xp and tokens Requirements for floor one: Start the script at dungeoneering with nothing in your inventory Have the normal prayerbook enabled (this script uses protect from magic) Have atleast 50 range (uses the magic shortbow and safespot) Turn auto retaliate off Requirements for floor two: Turn auto retaliate off ToDo List: Fix trips/Trips per hour (waiting on messageListener fix) Add support for floor three(currently in progress) ChangeLog: [24/05/2019] Complete re-write to support walking Added some failsafes for floor one Added floor two Added some minor changes to the way interacting with objects works Link to script - http://bdn.parabot.org/scripts/script.php?s=1000177-IDung
  3. UUID Changer Changes your UUID without having to restart the client. Just simply run the script and wait for it to stop. http://bdn.parabot.org/scripts/script.php?s=1000179-Ikov-UUID-Changer
  4. Source code: https://github.com/dginovker/Parabot/tree/master/Simple Fighter It's very minimal. Find the id of the npc you wish to attack and fill it in the first textbox. If the attack option of the NPC is not first, enter which one it is in the second field (i.e. 2 if it's the second). Images: (same image https://i.imgur.com/5HZ8nNO.png) I'll probably make at least the GUI better at some point, but yeah it's "functional" right now so enjoy it for those who need it.
  5. I botted on ikov back then when times were good. I enjoyed a lot. I'm looking to get back into it mainly just to bot and have fun. Let's say if i write my own script and add random clicks etc... how long can i go before i get banned? and how do they spot a bot? do they have any unique methods?
  6. Dear Members of Parabot, This will relatively be a long post, if you want a TL;DR, read the end of this post. You might have seen all the latest updates of Parabot to have a secure client for Ikov. Today changes will be made into those actions. Ikov has been putting the most sketchy stuff in their client since I've started Parabot - and believe me, I've seen weird things... All these actions of Ikov have been blocked by us, making Ikov a safe client to use. Yes you heard that correctly, we're adjusting Parabot to make Ikov safe. Not safe to bot, but safe to use in general... In the past few months, Ikov has been putting stuff like screenshot functionalities, clipboard copy and loading (basically viruses) jars within their client from out of their cache or any other method. Parabot is now basically adjusting their client to provide users a safe way to use Ikov. All those past updates took so much time, we had to limit our own personal lives and put more time into these issues. To make it more clear, this is the process we had to do: De-obfuscate the whole Ikov clientGather all locations Ikov reads and writes to and keep track of themGo to every class and their work-process to find all the sketchy stuffEither get rid of the sketchy stuff or add it to our own sandbox systemTest the new systemDeploy and publish the new client with adjustmentsAs you might see, this takes an insane amount of time for us to do, whereas we basically don't have this time... So what is gonna happen? As Parabot is a client to provide the ability to bot on servers and not a client to block things like viruses from servers, we decided to focus on the botting ability and not the safety of a certain server. Ikov seems to be botting-worth server due their amount of players, but after some research we figured that out of their 502 online players (as of 18 oct. 14:45), 338 players are basically botters. A basic calculation will result into "502 - 338 = 164 legit Ikov players". TL;DR Starts here Parabot will be focussing on new upcoming servers and more functionality in the client itself. This doesn't mean that Ikov will be removed from our list of servers, but we will only push out updates for new client and not focus on their banning method. We do not focus on their method anymore, as we keep finding other "sketchy" things, we then also have to block. New servers will come out as Parabot moves on in the following weeks, whereas we take a good look at the suggestions of our users and the popular (fake, vote-botted) site RuneLocus. What else is going behind the scenes of Parabot? - Parabot is currently focussing on more abilities within the API, this will include a new BDN (V3), whereas the base can also be found on GitHub (this is still in the Slim Framework, will be ported to Symfony ASAP). - We're also working on a new two-factor authentication system that will work smoother than ever and is also bonded within the community website. - The rollout of our Maven system is going very smooth and better than we expected. Unfortunately not all script writers are using this yet, which causes that some scripts on the BDN are not visible in the script selector. Please ask them to port their script to Maven instead of having them blaming Parabot. - To provide a better local working place, we're also introducing a new system to run local servers. This makes it so easy that you just have to place a hook file, a settings file and the server jar into your local environment and you're good to go! - Our GitHub was always a bit messy, we never had multiple branches and we didn't push out a lot of updates to our GitHub. This changes as of today, we're now focussing on a better overview of our repositories and making it easier for others to read the source of Parabot. A part of this change is the commit guidelines for Parabot, which can be found in the tutorials section of the development section within this forums. - A new beautiful, new user interface for Parabot, together with Fryslan. That's basically it, Parabot is still going as you can see - but due the lack of time we had with Ikov, updates seemed to be slowly. These changes should create a difference in that. Feel free to ask anything or provide suggestions. Sincerely, The Parabot team
  7. www.PLANETSGOLD.com ! %100 BEST RATES EVER! Paying more to our LONG-TERM SUPPLIERS ! To became longterm supplier contact us via skype ! !ALSO SWAPPING FOR RSGOLD ! Contact : Skype [Live:Planetsgold] Website : www.PlanetsGold.com I'll be using a middleman for first 10 trades :) 24/7 active website Instant service Best rate Term Of Service You are not Ikov staff and are not acting on the behalf of Ikov Staff. The gold you are buying has been obtained legitimately. I am not responsible for an punishments/bans that may occur during or after the trade. You are responsible for the Ikov gold as soon as you obtain possession of it.
  8. Hello, Today we're bringing out a security release for Parabot. Even though Parabot isn't meant to secure your PC from private servers, we have to take measurements against servers like Ikov. Ikov seems to take their steps up and loading libraries when the client is loaded. In this way developers cannot see what they actually wanna do. This comes down to the problem that simply means that they can inject you a virus without a virus detector ever detecting it... This release contains those security updates and increasing the visibility within Ikov detection. How to make sure you're not detected on Ikov with Parabot: Remove your cache folder (/users/you/documents/parabot/cache)Start Parabot with a secure Mac AddressStart ParabotDon't select a server yetOpen network (file => network)Hit the button "Randomize Mac" and submitNow select a serverChange your IP where possibleEnjoy not being detected and download the latest version here. Sincerely, The Parabot team
  9. Hello guys, As you might have noticed, Parabot was detectable on Ikov. Simply download the latest client and you're good to go! Enjoy! Sincerely,
  10. Ikov needs updating all my bots got banned all were using diffrend ip's and mac's so its deffo detectable!
  11. Articulia

    Freezing Full Screen

    Heya, when I first logged in it worked, but then I tried to make it full screen, and it froze, and it hasn't been letting me log in since. It keeps freezing after I enter my username and password and pressing log in. And it opens a separate tab, so I think it's trying to enter the game in full screen mode which might be why it's freezing every time. Any suggestions?
  12. karyza99

    Autobann ikov

    U get autobanned after 5mins or so when logging in on ikove with parabot client
  13. I need a good scripter who can make me a script for a little bug i found on ikov but it is very profitable as far i know only me and my team knows about this the scripter who we will hire for this job will get paid but also cannot use this script or tell anyone. if you think you can do this please send me ur skype in PM or leave it below, as for the script its quite easy not much to it personally i think a good scripter with some experience can do the job in less then 2 hours.
  14. I am looking to sell around 30b of ikov gp. Post your skype and offers below.
  15. Start the muler at lumbridge home and start the normal script when the bot isn't logged in yet. Make sure to disable the auto-login random. Script takes care of the Restless ghost quest and sells the runes. There's no limit on accounts and the muler can handle any trade request. Enjoy! Thanks to @Botterino for finding out this method, even though it's not really worth it. Sincerely, JKetelaar
  16. We've updated the ikov provider to support their latest client. But be aware of their sketchy steps, as some of their classes make no sense and they used to have the intense to see all of your screens at any moment. This could be seen as a RAT. We do not support such actions from Ikov but there's not a lot we can do for now. We're investigating their client and try to remove the sketchy parts they have, stay safe. Next to the Ikov update, we've also implemented the new feedback system, this allows users to leave a feedback after a trade so that other users can base trust on such feedback. Enjoy! Sincerely, The Parabot staff
  17. jman123

    ikov re logger

    wile i was using p bot for ikov i logged out and it didnt re log in is that just happening to m or any one else maby a glitch little fix or something but it wont relog in you acc wen it logs you out
  18. i have a bunch of ikov gold i am looking to sell so comment skypes and we can talk about rates or trades, open to all offers pm me swindrl123 @ skype
  19. Always able to use a MM like Lord :) Current rate: 1b Ikov - 1m 07 1b Ikov - 1,4$ Pm me your skype or post it below! always ask a PM before trading with me!
  20. Swapping 07 mills for ikov rate: 1m - 1b pm me ur skype if interested.
  21. Hello, I was just wondering if anyone is in the process or is willing to make a ZMI Runecrafting bot for Ikov? The ones currently on the site are outdated/broken.
  22. Selling dreamscape gp pm me for price 12t stock.
  23. Hello, You might have noticed that Ikov has updated their client. For some ridiculous reason (this dramatically decreases their client performance), they decided to change their obfuscation and now use strange field names like õôo000. But that doesn't hold Parabot back, we updated our client to support their latest version. From now on you will download a zip file including two other files, those files simply do java -jar -noverify Parabot-V*.jarWe've made two files, one for Mac and one for Windows. Simply double-click the file that belongs to your operating system. If you have your own bat or command file, put this into it: java -jar -noverify Parabot-V2.1.3.jarAnd you're good to go. Enjoy! Note: Some scripts might not work yet, as we don't have the MessageListener hook yet. Sincerely, The Parabot staff
  24. im looking to sell or trade around 8m osrs for ikov gold, skype is swindrl123 .. also looking to buy ikov gp. comment skypes or pm please
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